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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Submarines On The Horizon?

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Patently O has recently reported that there could be over 200 pending patent applications that have filing dates that pre-date June 8, 1995.  See l.  Why should you care? If these patent applications mature into patents, they will have a term of 17 years from issuance.  As Patently O points out, they could be quite valuable… Continue Reading

Intervening Or Disappearing Rights?

Posted in Patents

Last week, the Federal Circuit, sitting en banc, gave a shot in the arm to patentees with regard to the “intervening rights” doctrine in its Marine Polymer Technologies, Inc. decision.  The Court confirmed that “intervening rights” (which limits a patentee’s ability to recover for past damages) only apply when there are new or amended patent claims as a… Continue Reading

Beware Of The IDS Trap

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Sometimes during the patent process, inventors will perform their own searches of non-patent literature (NPL).  While they are just trying to advance their applications, they may have just incurred a large, unexpected cost.   Most inventors understand that they have a duty to provide all known, material, non-cumulative prior art to the USPTO during the patent process. In the… Continue Reading