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Posted in Advertising, FTC

Just when you thought that you heard it all, the FTC announced yesterday that it settled with marketers of caffeine-infused “shapewear” over unsubstantiated weight loss claims.  According to the FTC, marketers urged consumers to wear a fabric that was allegedly infused with, among other things, caffeine for metabolizing fat.  The caffeine was supposed to dehydrate fat… Continue Reading

How Many Calories Are In Your Nightcap? Alcoholic Beverages May Soon Contain Nutrition Labels

Posted in Advertising, Alcohol

You’ve always heard about the carbs in alcoholic drinks, but now, you might just learn more than you want to know.  At the end of May, the Department of the Treasury’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved beer, wine and spirits companies’ use of nutrition labels on their products, which can list, among other things, calories,… Continue Reading

FTC Tip For The Day….

Posted in Advertising

Besides telling the truth, what’s the one thing that a company can do to minimize its chances of getting an inquiry from the FTC?  Provide a no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee and honor it.  Here’s why.  Generally speaking, the FTC brings most of its cases with the goal of getting restitution for consumers…. Continue Reading