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2 Technologies That Would Amaze My Grandparents….

Posted in IP, Science, Uncategorized

Technology is becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives and undoubtedly companies are seeking related IP protection. It was recently reported that Coupons.com has released its KitchMe app, which works in conjunction with Google Glass. Now, cooks can be sent shopping lists and recipes with step-by-step instructions by merely looking at available ingredients in their… Continue Reading

What’s “Reasonable” Under Section 273?

Posted in IP, Patent Litigation, Patents, Willful Infringement

The America Invents Act significantly expanded the “Prior Use” defense under 35 U.S.C. § 273 to patent infringement.  Prior thereto, the defense was limited to use against claims of business method patents. Now, a litigant may assert this affirmative defense if it commercially used, in good faith, a process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter… Continue Reading

How Will Free Trade With South Korea Impact IP?

Posted in IP, Patents

Yesterday, it was reported that Congress passed free trade agreements with South Korea, Panama and Columbia.  The agreements are suppose to, among other things, significantly remove duties and phase out tariffs on various U.S. exports.  However, it has also been reported that there are provisions affecting intellectual property law, which must be ratified by the… Continue Reading

The Party’s Over: Fee Hike At USPTO

Posted in IP, Patents

Each time that I traveled to Asia on business over the last seven years, I was asked as to when the world might expect U.S. patent reform. Well, it’s finally here.  You cannot look at a paper or a blog without some reference to the America Invents Act being signed into law last Friday. One of… Continue Reading

Has The Fat Lady Sung? Is Patent Reform Imminent?

Posted in Anticipation, IP, Obviousness, Patents, Prior Art

For years, the U.S. has talked about substantially overhauling U.S. patent law so that it conforms with how most of the rest of the world approaches patent rights. Now, it might become a reality. Yesterday, the Senate overwhelmingly passed patent reform legislation, which if signed, will have the greatest effect on patent law in the… Continue Reading

Why Can’t We Practice Our Own Patent?

Posted in IP, Patents, Prior Art

This is a common question.  Just because your company owns a patent doesn’t necessarily mean that you can practice what is covered by the patent. Sound crazy? It’s true. A patent is a negative right. Generally speaking, a patent gives the owner the right to preclude others from making, using, selling, offering for sale and/or… Continue Reading

Apple Steps Up

Posted in Games, IP, Patents, Software

In furtherance of my earlier post, Apple has reportedly stepped up to defend its developers. Read a recent update on the state of events as well as the letter allegedly sent by Apple to Lodsys.  

Software Developers Beware

Posted in IP, Patents, Software

It has been interesting to follow Lodsys’ (a patent holding company) pursuit of Apple app developers for patent infringement.  It has been reported that Apple took a license to the patent-at-issue from Lodsys and now, Lodsys is sending cease and desist letters to various Apple app developers.   According to various sources, Apple allegedly required use of the allegedly infringing technology by… Continue Reading

But You Didn’t Know About It So You Shouldn’t Disclose It….

Posted in IP, Patents, Trade Secrets

An issue that we have dealt with over the years is whether information disclosed in a published patent application can be claimed as a trade secret. The argument is that although the information is in the public domain, the receiving party would never have found it. The Fifth Circuit recently addressed this issue. Read a good discussion of… Continue Reading