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Update: Software Developers Sued In Texas

Posted in Patents, Software

As previously discussed, Apple developers allegedly received cease and desist letters from Lodsys based on the use of in-app applications.  Now, Lodsys appears to have taken it to the next level by allegedly suing several developers for patent infringement in the ever popular Eastern District of Texas.  Read what appears to be a copy of the Complaint. It will be interesting to… Continue Reading

Apple Steps Up

Posted in Games, IP, Patents, Software

In furtherance of my earlier post, Apple has reportedly stepped up to defend its developers. Read a recent update on the state of events as well as the letter allegedly sent by Apple to Lodsys.  

Software Developers Beware

Posted in IP, Patents, Software

It has been interesting to follow Lodsys’ (a patent holding company) pursuit of Apple app developers for patent infringement.  It has been reported that Apple took a license to the patent-at-issue from Lodsys and now, Lodsys is sending cease and desist letters to various Apple app developers.   According to various sources, Apple allegedly required use of the allegedly infringing technology by… Continue Reading